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Darnell & Leanna

Lili met with us before the wedding ceremony, taking time to get to know us as individuals and as a couple. With sensitivity, kindness, and insight, she helped us clarify the special things we were each bringing to the relationship, and where we hoped to go together in the marriage. Her thoughtfulness and skill made all the difference as we prepared for this profound event in our lives.

When the big day arrived, Lili was so loving and graceful as she led us through the ceremony we forgot our nerves and relaxed into the joy of the occasion. We knew we were in skillful, capable hands, and all we had to think about was each other and the incredible spirit of love that was present.

Weddings of Heart Family Ceremony

Additional Services

In addition to officiating wedding ceremonies I support couples in preparing for marriage and facilitate personalized ceremonies and workshops for life’s transition. 

Preparing for Marriage — Coaching
As you prepare to move forward together into your marriage, personal coaching can assist you in exploring and mapping out some of the un-chartered territory in your relationship while providing a foundation for the deepening of your understanding and compassion for one another.

The conversations that we share together can support you in preparing for the life-transforming adventure of marriage.  We explore areas such as: clarifying your core values, agreements and visions for marriage, articulating unspoken preferences and expectations in a safe space, exploring cultural/religious differences,  effective communication skills and decision-making, deepening financial intimacy and collaboration, reshaping of your identification from “single” to “husband” or “wife”, and discovering ways that your family of origin may have shaped your attitudes about marriage. 

Life Passages:
Baby Welcomings, Blessings & Naming Ceremonies

The birth of a child, or entry of any child into a family is a wonder-filled event.  As family and loved ones of a child, you are brought into this child’s life to inspire, teach and to love.  Welcoming a new child through the ritual of a baby blessing or baby naming ceremony allows you to acknowledge, celebrate, and give thanks for the presence of this new child in the life of your family and your larger community.

Stepchildren and/or adopted children can be welcomed, blessed and celebrated by their new family through these rituals and ceremonies. 

Memorial Services and Funerals
When someone passes over from this life, it may unleash and array of emotions for those loved ones who have shared their lives with the deceased. The shaping and sharing a special ceremony with one’s loved ones in mind can assist in processing any grief, anger, guilt, relief or mixed feelings that accompany the loss of a loved one.  It is a privilege to support and honor this transition and bring forward a meaningful, personalized funeral or memorial service.

Welcome to Elderhood
The life passage into Elderhood can be made by the recognition of Retirement or a significant birthday year.  Taking time to acknowledge, appreciate and honor your entry into the Wisdom years, to consciously celebrate your life, to review and acknowledge your life’s lessons and to set intentions for how you wish to share your wisdom and experience in the years to come are all explored in this workshop, coaching process.

Welcome to Womanhood
In traditional cultures and societies, young women are recognized for their transition into womanhood.  A personal welcoming ceremony for a young woman, and the significant women in her life can support her in making this entry into woman hood special.  Mothers and daughters and their community are supported in participating in a creative process that honors and acknowledges this life passage.